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I DREAM is a largely through-sung musical drama – sometimes referred to as a “Rhythm & Blues Opera” – based on the life of a preacher from Atlanta. The full production will feature a cast of up to 25 actors and a 15-piece orchestra playing a dynamic fusion of musical forms – from the operatic, to gospel, blues and jazz to contemporary – evoking the epic scale of a man’s life story, as well as the deeply moving episodes along the way.
This play is framed around the last thirty-six hours of his life, during which he travels to Memphis. In I DREAM, the preacher relives his life’s journey with a focus on his most poignant and lasting experiences, offering the audience more than a mere glimpse of the hero’s humanity. This intimate portrayal – alongside the more celebrated story – is a multi-dimensional exploration of the man, with revealing insights into his own personal struggles. The piece also pays tribute to the courage, strength and sacrifice of the many who stood alongside this great character – some of them leaders in their own right, but many being unsung heroes, ordinary men and women of different races, ages, and ideologies. As such, I DREAM is much more than just the story of a great Civil Rights leader and global icon. It poetically and imaginatively captures and explores a number of universal themes that will resonate with audiences everywhere, at a very personal level.

This unique retelling of an otherwise familiar story triumphs by inspiring audiences and leaving them with a glow of unity, redemption and enduring hope for a better future.

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