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I Dream is a new musical drama, fusing classical, jazz, gospel and popular musical styles in a moving and compelling theatrical work.

The focus of I Dream is the thirty-six hours leading up to Dr. King’s assassination, realized as an immersive  blend of dream, reminiscence and premonition, before the fateful moment on the balcony of Memphis’ Lorraine Motel.  [More than a historical retrospective, I Dream is an exploration of the humanity of a man, the plight of the poor and those who are persecuted.]


This intimate portrayal – alongside the more celebrated story – is a multi-dimensional profile of the man, with revealing insights into his own personal struggles.  The piece also pays tribute to the courage, strength and sacrifice of the many who stood alongside this great character – some of them leaders in their own right, but many being unsung heroes, ordinary men and women of different races, ages, and ideologies.  As such, I Dream is much more than just the story of a great Civil Rights leader and global icon.  It poetically and imaginatively [captures and expresses]illustrates and explores? a number of universal themes that will resonate with people everywhere, at a very personal level. I Dream envisions a renewing of Dr. King’s message at a time of deep divisions in our culture. It is a piece about yesterday, but is very much for today.

This unique retelling of an otherwise familiar story triumphs by inspiring audiences – leaving them with a glow of unity, redemption and enduring hope for a better future.

The 2018 Opera Carolina premiere coincided with the 50th commemoration of the death of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I Dream returns to the Opera Carolina stage in April 2020, with new scenes and a new production created by Opera Carolina.”

For more information visit operacarolina.org

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