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Déj and Sola Mahoney (Producers)
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New Website Launch to Celebrate 5th Anniversary

logo_transparentToday marks the re-launch of the I DREAM website, as we celebrate the 5th anniversary of our first opening on The Alliance Stage at The Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta, Georgia.

The I DREAM train has been on an interesting and enriching journey since the triumphant finale in Atlanta. There has been further development through rewrites and workshops, including three presentations in New York City, working with outstanding Broadway talent from “Phantom”, “Les Mis”, “Beautiful”, “Motown” and many other hit shows. Since the last presentation at Bill T. Jones’ New York Live Arts enraptured the invited audience and heralded the final push towards a full production of the show, studio recordings of the entire work have been completed, featuring some members of the original Atlanta team, including Quentin Earl Darrington, Denise White aka Avery Sunshine, Desmond Ellington and Keith Williams (former musical director of Ebenezer Baptist Church).

Stay tuned to this url for future samples of the music, which just gets better and better.

Déj and Sola Mahoney (Producers)

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